Ep is out!

My kid is up and my father in law is chain sawing (6am) so here I am, too. I feel a bit groggy and stop on that word but am outside and the field across the driveway is simply beautiful. Our fear is that someday it will be sold and someone will build a jillion houses on it. So, I dream about buying it and keeping it as is. 

I started sending out the ep and every package feels like a celebration for me. I got special (interruption by my dog who insists on being petted. She knows I can only withstand her entreaties for so long) material for the packaging and a sticker and my labels are nice and so I'm hoping once people start getting them that the whole experience is awesome. 

Got feedback from two pals in the industry: "Great" which is what Greg Calbi told me to shoot for. Now what, well, that's step by step. Have not shot a second video but will most likely do that in mid July when my daughter goes to camp. Have everything ready. Checked out some books from the library on using iMovie so I could try to make a few myself. Simple ideas, yes. 

Piano still going well. Waz makes fun of me but then he lets it slip that he thinks I'm catching on and that I'm creative and probably going to do something with all the major 7th chords he's having me master. I surprised myself by immediately saying "Burt Bacharach" because every time we do something new I try to associate the chord or chord progression with a song. 

Now I'm being pulled so going to stop here and take my son for a ride. Hopefully I'll get back to this. xo

ok, now it's July 1 and I have a few minutes. "composing at the keyboard" anyone ever taking typing in High School? that's what I remember. anyway.

so the ep is out and *all packages (one going out tomorrow) have been sent from my pledge music campaign. what a task, mostly because I hope to be soon a former perfectionist and wanted everything to be just so. In the end, I did send a few substitutions because I told myself just to get it DONE! What a relief. Sometimes, at least for me, a bad mood can be directly connected to something that I have not done. Like send out all this stuff. Or drive to South Dakota to visit my cousins and Aunt. 

Such a good feeling when things are done. Even cleaning. Even the jillion things I agree to do, like make some outfits for a friend's photo shoot. (this is my new looming task). I'm just going to have to DO IT. But this road trip is taking a chunk of time. 

And that's what I think about: time. How do I spend it? Should I relax more? Spend more with the kids/husband? Practicing? I'm sure I spend too much time on Twitter, but I do like reading what people have to say. I learn so much. 

Ok, now that makes me realize I have more things to do. Got some more feedback, another person cited the Cocteau Twins for the song "Lost" which is pretty cool to me. I guess they were more than just a group I really liked, they were an influence! 

But that makes me want to make one more comment. Ok, two. One, my son seems to have become an instant Cars fan and two, after watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony for 2018, wow, the Moody Blues still sound amazing!!! 

and, ok, three: here's a link to the article that I'm quoted in:


such an honor to be asked! AND, Melissa is eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I hope she gets in soon. 



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