Ok, like a competing cook given a list of ingredients, I've given myself a few odd words for today's post.

Yes, the ep is back from the mfg. Now, what to do with it? I keep thinking. Doing. Making. You can buy it from CDBaby and on my Pledgemusic page, and right now that's it. I might release a single for streaming/iTunes but I have to look into it. If you don't want to pay for my music, I think I'll roll it out one song at a time and you will certainly be able to go to YouTube for each video. 

My friend Jenny told me to make a vision board or whatever they are called and put pictures on it and look at it each day. I made one but so far it's blank, just spray painted gold. However, I am putting on a picture of a riding lawnmower as the first image. Because that's what I'm going to buy first when my ship comes in.

My son loves to go on the riding mower but it's not mine and for a while we were taking it on joy rides, even though I hit a stump early on and bloodied my nose and hurt myself. However, he loved it so much that I steeled myself for another go. He's non-verbal, but has come up with his own sign to indicate he wants a ride, which fascinates me. I had been using this bag I got in Mexico to hold my cell phone when we rode, and he would search the house to find it and bring it to me, so I had to give it to my SIL because it was too sad/hard to tell him we were banished from riding it.

I almost posted a photo of us on it with the caption, "When I grow old, Harry and I will cut our way across the lawns of America to visit you." Because I thought that was a fun concept. However, I'd get a small one that goes slow because tbh they can be dangerous and people do die every year from rolling over, etc. But I suppose I'd have to install a custom seat that holds two because right now we are sitting side by side in one seat, which brings to mind the sleigh that Almanzo Wilder built when he was courting Laura Ingalls Wilder. LIW made a point of noting how small it was, smaller than usual and that he'd pick her up, cover her with fur blankets and say, "All snug?" which I just loved. Sometimes I still say that to my daughter which cracks us both up. "All snug?" I say. 

Harry's vocabulary is not unlike Groot's in that he mostly says, "Baaaa" and that can mean just about anything. Once I heard a talk (Ted? not sure) by a woman who had had a stroke and she said she thought she was talking but everyone heard gibberish. So I think he thinks he's saying whatever he wants to say but it comes out "Baaaa" and then it's up to me to interpret it. I'm rather lousy with sign language which has not helped. However, he's now hanging out with someone who does know sign language so that might be very helpful. He DID, however make a real effort to say Lawn Mower and it sounded something like "LaaaaaOooohhhh" so, you see, I really DO need to get my own riding mower. Even if I never use the blades. It's not for me. It's for him. 

Why I put Job up there is now not clear. I mean the biblical Job, not a job, as in I could really use a job. The same Jenny used to refer to me as Job back when I lived in NYC, I suppose mostly because of the setbacks I had had. I'll have to ask her. At one point I tried to read the story of Job, looking for insights and possibly a way out of the hell that I seemed to find myself in but I think what I remember is that you just have to endure. You'll never know if/when your luck will change, but the idea is that you defeat evil by being happy. And that eventually you will be repaid many times over. It's certainly not the "eye for an eye" of the Old Testament, and does it lay the groundwork for Jesus in the New Testament? The "turn the other cheek?" 

Oh boy. Now my arm is being pulled, my laptop is being shut and a certain non-verbal child is holding up his shoe (another indicator he wants a lawn mower ride). I can placate him with a golf car ride, but it's really not the same (for him). 

It is a challenge to be happy these days, I'm as freaked out about the state of the state as you'd expect, but it won't do my kids any good to let it change me other than remember that "Happiness you keep is happiness you earn."

have a great week. 




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