gaining steam

ok. so, if you saw on instagram, I posted photos of my studios and they have come such a long way even in the past few months. AND I even swapped things around yesterday/today because I realized I needed a little table next to the piano so I can notate my songs better. I finished a song this week since Waz was asking me about songwriting, but I had to keep getting up and going to my desk to handwrite out chords, etc and that did slow down my flow and momentum.

Why am I writing new songs when I have 8 that just got mastered and are not released yet? Waz said I have that compulsion. But also, I'm still searching for some kind of Kum Baya ok that is not the right spelling, but some song that really gets to the heart of where we are/what we need to do. I think.

And I've been making all of these little videos with my song snippets and it would be nice to get that all completed.

Before, when my studio was more of a shambles, I still was super creative, but there was a lack of peace in my psyche. Now I have stations for just about everything I want to do/work on. Stations, like a gym! 

I have a really good (I think) idea for an LP -I'd like to do it for this new batch of songs, so I am more motivated to do a Patreon account. I'm excited about the idea, although, maybe it's not that hard to get me excited about new ideas. But this one. It's good.

What I'm going to do is pull together some things where I've done something and then someone else did what seems to me to be a copy of what I've done. Because I don't think people know that about my work. I don't need 1,000 supporters on Patreon, 30 would be awesome! 

My husband loves my new songs (the mastered ones) he even wanted me to change one lyric, or he had issues with it, but it really cannot be changed. It's entirely integral to the song. He thought the phrase was too common, but that's ok with me, because it's so personal as well. The line is a fish out of water and he thought fish should be changed. But you'll have to hear the whole song and listen to all of the lyrics and then you can tell me if it doesn't work. Sometimes, I think I nail it. Sometimes I have doubts and then I rewrite and rewrite or don't record/release the song. 

It's been hot, right? Why anyone would want to burn the Brazilian rainforest is hard to fathom. When I started the recycling programs at UIUC, a University-wide program was so new that I was allowed to do a lot of reading to familiarize myself better with environmental issues and I knew in 1990 that water was going to be an issue and that global warming was an impending doom. It's my opinion that Reagan ushered in a freewheeling, hedonistic attitude that steered our ship (sorry to quote myself here) toward the rocks. Can we correct this course? I don't know. 

I guess everyone needs to vote. 

And people need to stop cheering on the crime spree. Srsly. It's our fresh air, our clean water, our standard of living, our peace that's being trashed. Aggggghhhhhh!!!

Ok, this officially counts as a blog post. Short and to the point.

gotta go!

xo chin up, eat less meat, get outside and enjoy the outdoors.


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