ok. so I just got a new keyboard. it is hard to use, but hopefully better for my hands. yuck. I want to touch my fingers together like I always do on a regular keyboard but cannot do that now. I also just got a tens unit. but not using it now.

so, yes, now I am behind in the blog again. two fridays ago my daughter had an e learning day, meaning she was home from school and that was the day I set aside to return the guitar. which I did and it went well and I learned something about neck profile and so on. I  do want to write to all the major guitar makers about this issue of neck girth if you will and small hands. but have not started this yet. sorry for not capitalizing the sentences. just trying to get used to this keyboard. making some mistakes which is a pain. 

the fashion show went well and the photos are great. if you can see my IG, I posted some. So, on that note, I also decided to apply to be a contestant on project runway. why you ask when I'm busy making these new eps? well, the music industry is changing, but it really hasn't changed all that much. it's still pretty sexist and I have to contend with that, plus agism and regionalism. I'm happy to make music, write songs, shoot videos, but don't really have the time or money to do much promotion. or desire. though, the people who have reviewed the new ep have been awesome. they have. and I have had some thoughts about sending it to college radio. 

but, I do love fashion and have a lot of skills there. and it might be fun and exciting. I would love to create a ball gown, and some wacky crazy clothes. I keep hitting the 7 ke7y see-I just did it again. agggh. anyway, but then we watched an episode last night and I thought-I don't think I even want to watch. Just get on and give it my best. I'm busy generating new ideas for accessories and a few dresses--I love to create new clothes. So nbd, except the application is a lot of work. But it's great for me to pull it together. 

shoot. I have someone with my son and she's about to leave. maybe I'll pick this up soon. but will post now. xoxoxoxox

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