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Well, I almost bailed out of this post today because I'm working on a speech and that involved a lot of writing, but whatever.

I wanted to write about comfort. How comfort gets a bad rap and comfort is a good thing. We could use more comfort in this world, but what I've found, is that unless or until you can articulate what you want, (or unless you're willing to scream non-stop, like my son) it's hard to get what you want.

damn. composing on the site, like I know I shouldn't. To save time. texting fkery. 

ok. where was I? So, I had to look up the word Comfort, in my old school dictionary, because that's how I like it and yeah, that's what I want. Comfort. I think before, I was more willing to tolerate or overlook situations or people who made me feel uncomfortable. I would think, "I can handle it." But, is that the point? To show how tough I am? Fk. That. 

And, to speed things along, I sanitized the feathers, but I don't think it was the feathers. I think it was anxiety. Last week was pretty anxiety fueled. And filled. My lungs seem fine. There are now 12 teenaged and 4 adult turkeys. And I did get a very long feather, but I picked it up with a glove. Just to be safe/sure.

Something I want to put out here is that I don't think parents realize how hard it is to learn piano. It's hard. I was talking to Waz about it and he joked that kids get it quicker than adults, and maybe some do, but there's a lot of fine motor skills that need to be developed. Muscle memory. We're still working on Ab Db and Eb going back and forth in all the inversions. Like "The Karate Kid" wax on, wax off. Now I'm to do each exercise 7 times without making a mistake, then on to the next one. Waz has a piece of wood with holes and a piece you move after each time right. So today I made one, too. Actually, that sort of makes it easier, because you can see the progress and don't have to think about it.

Things always seem to take so much longer than expected. I can't say I got much done on the fashion front this week, though I did make a sample sunglass/eyeglass case and started to cut out fabric for a handbag. 

Writing letters takes a lot of time, sometimes. Taking care of kids does, too. But whatever, it's Friday!

Our town has an annual popcorn festival tomorrow because Orville Redenbacher is from here. Vendors, bands, parade, the whole bit. It should be fun. 

Then next week. ok. I am cutting this short. You don't come here for my political opinions or whatever, do you? You come here to find out what I'm up to, who I am. "What makes me tick." I like the phrase that JK Rowling has used a few times over the 5 Harry Potter books I've read so far, "Rooted to the spot." How about that? Does that work for you?

rock on,


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