So, today is the party for my father in law's 80th birthday. I'm home cleaning so I made Fred put on the soundtrack for Moana so I could whistle (or sing) while I work. And, like clockwork, here comes the alert on my laptop to write today's blog post-beat you to it! I say.

Anyway, I love this music. The music, lyrics, performances, all stellar. But, taking a break because blog comes first.

I'm going to try my hand at some ceramics, and I'm thinking, "What the f*ck am I thinking?" because, yeah, so much time, but my friend Nancy does it, and she's a great hang I type as I drink out of a mug she lent me so I could show my husband the color of the glaze, because he's building this wood workshop for himself and wants some tile. (I thought he'd want to make it, but he just told me that I could make it, then he told me some things I could make in the ceramics studio--namely incense holders) I want to make bowls. I kind of thought, why try a million things, and why not just concentrate on one thing-bowls and get good at that. Though, to be completely honest, this mug is awesome to hold. It's a wabi sabi thing, I'll add a photo here.

So, you can see in this photo the residue of the green slime my daughter made and...well, left on this table. I thought it was cool at the time, a green for her lego constructions, but then it dried and hardened, and stained this table. Luckily, the table is a "work table" according to my husband, and therefore not precious. The top came from an old bakery in Gary, IN. Then, you can see the label maker, as I try in vain to sort and label her legos. Just looking at all of those tiny pieces sends me into fits of anxiety. I want to scream, "They need to be organized!!!!!!!!!!!!" But, if that's what I think, then that becomes another project for me, as no one else seems to care. 

So, back to the blog. 

Luckily, my husband's going to run out of money for his new woodshop and be forced to leave it empty for a few months, while he saves up to buy new equipment, which means I'll essentially have a sound stage to make music videos! My daughter got me to buy a green screen a few months ago (a large piece of green fabric) so I'm going to be working on ideas for videos, as I was told last week by someone in the industry that I'll need a video for every song on these eps (that's up to 16--some songs aren't quite gelling yet, but if all goes to plan, then 16). So now, I've got blog post Fridays and Social Media Mondays. This week I did some posts and edited some live footage from my show in December (up on youtube). Wait! I'll find the links: this is for "The Subway" which will be on the LA eps. this is for "Bell Tolls" which will be on the Chicago eps.

glad I checked, as I forgot to make Bell Tolls public.

So, now I need to work on learning a bit more about iMovie and lightroom for video editing. I'm starting to gather ideas, but then I had a 1/2 panic, because I realized that I'll need to make my clothes for every shoot, since I'm only wearing clothes I make. I had been starting garments and then not finishing them, but I just finished an unconstructed jacket yesterday, and am almost done with a vest. Then it's a coat, a sort of turtle neck-ish long-sleeved top...then the costumes. The house might get a little dusty in the next few months. Oh well.

On days like today, I often take this opportunity to do the cleaning that I never get around to, which subsequently then takes me all day. Then, by the time the party starts, I'm ready to relax. We're having a piano player, a local guy who seems to have played with everyone, who goes by the name Waz. He's kind of amazing and can just sit and play all night. 

Moana is a great movie, and I really loved the Grandmother coming back as a Sting Ray because I've been telling my daughter forever that my mother came back as a male cardinal. She really loved them and loved to "feed the birds" which became a duty for her. So, now my daughter will say something like, "Hey Mom! I saw Cardinal when I was X" of "I saw your mom!" which is nice because she doesn't really have any conscious memories of my mom, even though she lived in our house for 9 months on hospice. But, they were together.

If I look, I see the marks on the white walls, so I better not look too hard. Ok, deep breath.

Tomorrow is a studio day, to pick over the lyrics/lines and to have Nic play some guitar tracks. Then Josh has to go back to work so we're going to have to figure out how to finish up. I've been listening to a cd of his rough mixes in the car and I've been loving it. Videos. For every song. The industry guy told me I need 3 outfit/scene changes for every video. 16 x 3 = 48. 48 outfits? Well, I better make stuff I can wear places besides a video shoot. But, I'm sure it will snowball, well, at least I hope it will snowball once I really get started. 

I've had to stop typing as I take in the idea of making 48 costumes. Well, I have some stuff shot already, so let's say, 44 more. 

The industry guy told me that people will want to know what makes me tick. Like any clock, getting wound up and having something to do. I always have something to do. Problems to solve. 

on a last note, I sent in a request to Sony for use of two Beatles lines in a song. I'm curious to see what they say, having read the Lana Del Rey/Radiohead "Creep" story. I can easily change the lines, is my point of view, especially since the song is in development. What I don't want/need is stress or another headache or a battle. But, I'd love to use/sing the lines, because it's like loving The Beatles. As my dad used to say, "We'll see."

have a great week, if you have snow around you-get out in it!



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