On the Road

my daughter is heading to 3 weeks of sleep away camp and this is the first time for me to do a blog post via the phone. And I only type with my left index finger so this is a laborious process for me. But, it’s been an incredibly busy week. 

Today the garment that I spent most of last week making are being worn for a photo shoot somewhere on the beach in Brooklyn, I think. Years ago Kellene Kulas and I collaborated on a collection for a Betsey Johnson runway show-which was influenced by Patti Smith. Kellene is a master jeweler and has made diamond encrusted pieces for Tiffany’, but her own work is more big stones and less precious. It was my own private project runway with me running to the post office on Thursday afternoon after she asked for an additional two garments last minute, but it’s all good. I just had to make a denim vest with my friend Bari’s incredible silk screened fabric. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. 

I squeezed in a “modeling” job for an architectural photo shoot for one of the houses my husband designed-they wanted a human in some shots. The house is incredible, on the shores of Lake Michigan, and the owners have amazing Japanese artifacts from their years abroad. And I wore a dress I made, and another one I made with fabric Bari printed—so it was fun for me. Who knows where this clothing thing will go, but it’s good to keep going. 

Then my first radio interview for the new ep. went well. Rich has interviewed me before and it’s a pleasure to talk to him. I have a link to the interview on the front page of this website. 

Then I got a mix of a song that Anthony Lopez is working on in LA and wow. From the opening it’s good. He sets the tone in the first 10 seconds-you know you’re going to listen to something beautiful. And I realized that He, Ainjel and I have not hit our peak-which means the music is going to be getting even better and that’s sort of a profound space to be in. Now we need to find a hip-hop artist to add to the mix or remix. 

plus we had house guests Tuesday-Friday and dinners which made for a lively week. Jenny‘s advice: YouTube videos (yes, on it) and Perry and Indah are hooked into Indonesia and there’s that. And local radio (on it) and all grass roots because I am a staff of 1 and that’s what I can afford. Found it interesting to read about Drake’s image consultant—she picks his clothes, designs his album covers and I thought about how many of these jobs I am currently doing. But no worries, it’s where I’m at. 

There’s always more to say but a good place to stop. Xo

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