Show on Friday/Las Vegas trip/20 years ago...

Alright, I'm behind again, but was away with my daughter, in Vegas. It's fun to type Vegas because I really want to type Las Vegas. We loved it. Being on vacation is awesome. She didn't want to leave. It was nice and warm there!

I saw a billboard for a Sarah McLachlan show, I think it said, "Songs and Storytelling" or something like that. Maybe I need to add that to my repertoire. Storytelling. I just looked up her name and saw she's sold 30 million albums. Wow. That's incredible. I wonder what her new songs sound like? 

Anyway, I'm super grateful that I can take my daughter to places like Las Vegas and talk to her about life and how to handle herself. It's so important. Obviously, I could have used more of that, or some sort of chaperoning. So I try. 


I think I might use a female mastering engineer for my next batch of songs, because that's the only way to get more women in the field. So there's that.


I want to make myself some new clothes, but everything takes time. How to budget my time is so crucial. I'm still sort of rearranging things at home, though today I made some real progress. My son's room is looking great. I just put a slide into his bed--I wonder if I can get him to try to slide into bed. (I think it would be fun) 


Things are good here, I work against time and my own laziness to make things happen. I constantly have to remind myself that unless I do these things, they won't get done. It's like throwing out a stack of plates or something. I feel like I take an arm and whip something, then I whip out something else, then again and again. 

I've not yet read Virginia Woolf (I know, shocking, right?) and yet her thing about having a Room of One's Own is where I'm at right now. 


and we're coming up on the 20th anniversary of when I was assaulted. Is that a story worth telling? And what will I say? 

+the assault

+Mr. Nice

+First hospital

+Second hospital


+Free therapy/therapist

+talking to a Priest

+Grand Jury

+Court Date I spoke at


+songwriting trip

+Action Hero Superstar

then there's riding the subway, going outside, going to a party, talking to Elvis--he really comforted me, my friends, my family/parents, Neil. Well, shoot. I guess there is a lot. 


if that's not a list to give me pause. (how am I going to find the time to do this?) Well, maybe I better copy that into word now. Done. Darn it! I need to rehearse for the show! better go now. xo


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