the week in review

Listening to a podcast at the moment with Paul Epworth about working in the studio. It's interesting, and always good to hear from someone who is successful in whatever field you're interested in. Put it on pause for the moment.

Was painting earlier, started a self-portrait. It started out great, I painted myself as I am today and have on a small scarf, but took a break from that, too, as it's a large canvas and I remembered the blog!

So, last weekend's shows went really well. Playing with Bill and Andrew was nice and I mentioned wanting a hand massage and afterwards a man told me he almost volunteered! So maybe next time I will actually ask for a volunteer. Some songs give me a lot of cramping and we played a cover of a Siouxie and the Banshees song--so beautiful. I might record it on the 4th ep as that thing seems to be a mess and may be better off starting over. 

Then, the show Saturday was just me, and some different songs and more intimacy/talking which was nice, too. I actually realized that I love playing at this market (and would do others) because i'm such a maker myself and definitely appreciate all the people there, and then it reminded me of more like an ancient thing-a market, not a store. I mean, markets go on all the time, but the concept is so old. It's gotta be hardwired into our DNA at this point.

One time when I did some shows in London, I did two shows at two venues in the same evening, but other than that I can't think of me actually doing back to back shows. Now I need to do 3 in a row, right? #goals

This week I started piano lessons with a local legend, "Waz" something I really wanted to do. I see the piano as sort of like tall grass, and I'm just playing around in it. I don't really know what I'm doing yet, and I like that it's kind of wild, but I suppose it will get clearer and clearer. It's another way to communicate and I am curious to see and hear what I come up with once I know a little bit more. I'd really love to create some "pieces" that have several parts-I don't even care if they have lyrics/melody. 

Waz also tuned the other piano I have, but it's a bit of a mess in that the keys "click" and Waz was so nice and understanding and not upset when I was lamenting this latest (I fear) fiasco. But, he's been thinking about what might be wrong and how to fix it. We do have a lovely piano in the dining room, but it's nice to have one in my studio, too.

I worked on a tote for my Spring collection. It would be amazing to think that I was going to make, like 50, but for now my #goal is 4. I got out my straw hats to sew the suede binding on, cut it all out, now need to finish the leather and then execute. 

Then, ok, I suppose this is exciting news. I got the 4 songs mixed! They are just awaiting the a-ok from my mentor and then...on to mastering! Now, i still need to finish the liner notes, so that's a bit of a pain, not sure why as I've done it 4 times before, but this time I don't really want to do them. Minimalism. Anyway, I really need to make that a priority. Luckily, I have the illustrator who is shepherding this project, so that's very helpful. But the songs do sound great. And onward to #2. 

In other news, I think I can finally throw clay on the wheel. Tbh, I was finding that very difficult and so many of my forms collapsed-very frustrating. Then, I just tried "one more time" and I think I got it. And made a bunch of (small) bowls yesterday. Plus, I got back the palo santo incense holders I made and the one shape I do really like, but it needs a more hip--no, scratch that, next time I won't put on "feet" and just have it be flat on the bottom. Palo Santo wood needs a special holder, so this was something needed. Ok, I just lit a piece and put it in the holder. Yea!

I called my painting mentor today just to thank him for his encouragement and suggestions and turns out he is in rehab after having his gall bladder out. (he's 90). But it was so nice to talk to him. He said that in January when he came to my studio, 

better stop. my down syndrome mentor (she's 87) is here.

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