Every blog post has to have a title, but I didn't want this one to have one. 

Last week I brought 3 of my paintings to the store Society. Good luck! It would be super awesome to sell them and without delay. The owner has plenty of wall space, but it's a hard thing to let them go, which I guess is a good sign, meaning I really love them and love to look at them. However, if you can imagine, painting is a luxury at the moment due to my other activities.

Did I mention that I agreed to make some clothing for a friend's photo shoot of her jewelry? Yep, I did. Shoot is next weekend and I'm busy making today and over the weekend. Probably need to finish by Tuesday and get in the mail. Kellene and I collaborated on accessories for a Betsey Johnson runway show and now she makes jewelry on her own, mostly pieces with big stones. I get myself into these kinds of things, not wanting to turn down an opportunity, but it's a good thing to do. I wish I could make a lot of items for her, but I'm sticking to one dress and one outfit for the male model. And it's hard, too to not finish things as beautifully as I'd like to. As it is, I'm ripping out the hem and redoing it by hand because I didn't like the way it looked. 

Getting some reviews in for the ep. Words like "gorgeous" "passionate" "redemptive" "Psychedelic, trippy" "Serene" and everyone loves the packaging. Now need to go a bit further out. Each time, it's definitely validating and vindicating. I'm going to do a radio interview next week, will be nice. 

Then, in about a week, I'll start with the videos. It's a challenge to hold myself to my own production schedule, but that's the only way to get things done. I checked out some books from the library to try to learn a bit about iMovie but the books seem to be outdated. I'll just have to look on the internet. I'm not planning on doing anything too technical, in fact, I'm probably going to champion low-tech, but unless it's just footage + music, then there are things that need to be known.

I can't get over how good the Moody Blues sounded at this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Kind of blew me away. 

My dog is going to need to go on anti-anxiety something. I just gave her some CBD oil and will monitor how it affects her. 4 days away then back and it always drives me nuts but I just can't take it anymore. She's constantly pacing, whining to come in/go out or barking, or scratching at the floor, or demanding a massage. Opps, I just spotted her outside my window. At least she's not barking to come in. She's a rescue and I've been giving her so much forgiveness but it's at my expense. I guess this is why people like giant dogs who just lay around. She could happily be outside (and right now she is) but usually she prefers to be underfoot, mostly literally. Nope, she's at my window again. Probably looking for me. I think I pet her too well, that's for sure. Plus, I've saved her life a few times now, so I get her devotion, but it's completely unnecessary. "Be a dog!" I want to bark to her in her own language, although, not too much a dog, because when she digs in the yard and comes in muddy up to her waist, well, then no. But, go ahead and run yourself "dog" tired. Yes, that's it.

ugh. I hear her angry bark. It's this sort of, "Let me in NOW mutha*%ker" that I don't like. I imagine she thinks she just HAS to get back to me, to let me know how devoted she is, but...I'm good. It's exhausting. I might have to go and hide from her, but the only place really, is up in my loft, but she seems to be able to tell that, and then she'll pace underneath or even bark, as if to say, "Hey YOU! Are you ok??? Are you ok??? I'm here, your devoted Macy!" 

Plus, my son is also very demanding with me. With other people he's pretty chill, but me? No. He wants what he wants and he wants it! And if I say, no, not now (or a variation) he will just bug me. I suppose he feels he has to do that, due to his being non-verbal-he will make this very irritating sound, which he has perfected, like a car alarm, to get my attention/anxiety level up/compliance rate to his liking. He's still obsessed with the lawn mower. I guess because *

___breaking news___ my husband just told me that my office needs to be just past the Mississippi river so that she can't sense my presence, because he confirmed that she IS circling the house, trying to find me and he even tried to pet her, but no. He won't satisfy her. 

*I did ride him on it a month ago, and even though I've told him since then over and over that I cannot ride him on it anymore, he thinks I will give in and give him a ride.

However, my daughter and I were just in Bridgewater, SD, population under 500 and for the 4th of July they have a parade of lawnmowers and golf cars. I saw a lawnmower pulling a grill and a pony keg. Very fun. It's like a village there and a nice, slow pace. And, eerily enough, I saw a house there I'd never seen before, a brick house which was very similar to one that was in a vivid dream I had months ago about Marfa, TX, a place I've never been, but now I can see that my mind pulled elements of this town into that dream. 

Ok, I guess I feel better now. One thing I was thinking about today is how hard it is to defeat evil. People have been trying for a long time now, but it seems that once/even if you defeat it in your own culture, then another culture will try to defeat you and then you have to content with their evil. Maybe that's why people are disheartened right now. Evil and corruption seems to be everywhere. I think criminals like other criminals to deflect from their own crimes and that's doubly sad. I think this is the subtext of the song I'm currently working on, working title: "Sometimes This World Don't Deserve You" but that's a bit long. Why don't I just finish it, you might ask. Well, I think I'm still marinating in it. Maybe I do have all the words/thoughts I need. I guess one reason is that I'll go to work on it, and then I'll play some new element, and think, "this goes with it/sounds cool" and I can't decide if it should be a really long song or not. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH. I know. My friend Jenny is coming for a visit next week. I'll play what I've got for her! 

She's going to drive up from Alabama with a friend and they are going to listen to 3 of my CD's and my new ep on the way! I'm so touched. I better get my studio cleaned up! haha. Need to make them think I have my S*%^ together. 

I hope your 4th was nice. I watched kids light off a bunch of fireworks. It was heavenly. 



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